Fish Oil and Midlife Bloat

Midlife BloatNew research suggests that supplementing with Omega 3 essential fatty acids may fight middle-age bloat, those extra pounds that appear as a person ages.  It seems the Omega 3’s found in fish oil transform fat storage cells into fat-burning cells by activating receptors in the digestive tract which causes the sympathetic nervous system to fire up and increase the metabolism of fat in the fat storage cells.

Not all types of fat tissues store fat.  White cells store fat but brown cells actually metabolize fat to aid in maintaining a normal body temperature. As we grow older we lose brown fat cells.  Babies have lots of brown fat cells.  Researchers have now identified a new type of cell, a beige type of cell that works similarly to a brown cell.  As we age and approach middle age, these beige cells, like brown cells are lost.  We pack on the pounds because we do not have as many of these fat metabolizing cells.

In a study performed on mice, one group of mice was fed fatty foods and the other group of mice received fatty foods in addition to fish oil.  The mice receiving the fish oil gained an average of 5-10 % less weight and 15-25% less fat when compared to the group eating the fatty food alone.  It seems once the sympathetic nervous system was activated with the fish oil additives some of the rat’s white cells changed to fat metabolizing beige cells.

Other things that have in past research been shown to jump start fat cells into a metabolizing mode are melatonin, green tea and cayenne (capsaicin) without the spicy heat.

Make sure your fish oil is molecularly distilled.  This process removes all potential toxins.  Also Omega-3’s that are manufactured to comply with strict European standards will be free of heavy metals, PCB’s, dioxins, pesticides and other unwanted compounds.

An enteric coating will protect the Fish Oil from the harsh environment of the stomach, enabling the softgel to make it to the small intestines where it can be digested and the fatty acids released and absorbed by the body.



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