Probiotics May Promote Weight Loss and Reduce BMI

probioticsAccording to a new meta-analysis, which combined data from 25 randomized trials, consumption of a probiotic may reduce both body mass index (BMI) and body weight.  An additional sub group analysis also pointed out that supplementing with a multi strain probiotic and taking the probiotics for at least eight weeks showed even better weight loss results.

Over 1900 participants took part in these 25 randomized studies.  Significant reductions in body weight (.59 kg) and BMI (.49kg/m2) were seen.  Trials with the multi strain probiotic formulations found an even larger reduction of BMI (.65 kg/m2).

In addition to serving as a delivery system for the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste material, the intestinal tract also plays important roles in maintaining healthy immunity and providing resistance to pathogens. The GI tract is populated by billions of cells of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) which help us digest and absorb our food, maintain a healthy intestinal pH (acid content), protect us from pathogenic bacteria, and provide an environment conducive to the continued health of the intestinal tract.

Look for probiotic products containing at least 8 strains of friendly bacteria.  Also,  a high potency probiotic formula containing at least 35 billion viable organisms per capsule will aid in quickly establishing healthy levels of probiotics in the GI tract.  Make sure your probiotic has some way to protect the organisms from the acidic conditions present in the stomach during digestion.  A Bioenhanced Acid Resistant Strain (BEARS) will ensure survivability in both low (acid) and high (alkaline) pH environments.  Lastly make sure your probiotic product contains a prebiotic blend that consist of FOS (a food source for probiotics) and FiberAid (R) arabinogalactans (a patented prebiotic).  This will help support the bodies ability to produce it’s own friendly bacteria.




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