Resveratrol: The Key to Reducing Elderly Frailty?

ResveratrolIn new research on mice resveratrol, the “red wine nutrient”, was found to help maintain muscle performance and reduce frailty.

48 old, mature and young mice were used in this study.  Each animal was given a daily dose of resveratrol for a period of 4 ½ months.  After this period the mice were divided randomly into sedentary and trained groups.  The trained mice were adapted to exercise then put on a treadmill for rodents for 20 minutes daily for five days a week.  The exercise period lasted 6 weeks.

Resveratrol seemed to support the effects of exercise by increasing coordination, strength and endurance in the old mice.  Additionally an increase in the mitochondrial mass needed for the energy generating process used for cellular metabolism and extra protection against oxidative damage was seen with the Resveratrol supplementation.

Researchers concluded that “Resveratrol can be considered an ergogenic compound that helps maintain muscle performance during aging and subsequently reduces frailty and increases muscle performance in old individuals practicing moderate exercise”.

It is believed that between 11 – 50% of individuals over the age of 80 suffer from age-related muscle loss sarcopenia.  This condition is particularly widespread in senior citizen care homes.  According to WebMd individuals who are not active can lose between 3 and 5% of their muscle mass every ten years beginning at the age of 30.

The study needs to be extended to humans to insure the same results are seen.

Prior studies have shown Resveratrol supports a healthy heart and the ability to activate the Sirtuin family of proteins.  This activation is believed to mimic the anti-aging benefits of a reduced calorie diet and in turn helps support the overall health of living cells.



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