Vitamin D Pills Improve Insulin Measures in Healthy Adults

vitamin-dAccording to a new study supplementation of Vitamin D may improve fasting glucose levels as well as insulin resistance in healthy adults.

96 healthy adults were randomly determined to receive either a placebo or a Vitamin D3 supplement (420 IU) daily.  The study lasted 1 year.  Results showed increases in serum blood levels of Vitamin D at the end of the study period for participants supplementing with the Vitamin D3 compared to the placebo group.  Decreases of 3.0 mg/dL in mean glucose concentrations were seen in the Vitamin D3 group while no changes were seen in the placebo group.  Also insulin resistance (measured with the homeostasis model HOMA-IR) decreased significantly in the Vitamin D group and again no changes were seen in the placebo group.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient involved in the maintenance of bone density and strength.  It is best known for it’s ability to move calcium through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.  Even though the human body can manufacture Vitamin D under ideal circumstances there is strong evidence that many people may suffer from a deficiency of this nutrient making supplementation important.  Cholecalciferol (D3) is a natural, highly bio- available form of Vitamin D.




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I have been involved in the Wellness Industry for over 25 years. I am a Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist and regularly lectures at various higher learning institutions on basic vitamin/mineral/herbal supplement facts. I became involved in the industry after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Not satisfied with conventional treatment methods, I began to learn about natural remedies and slowly began to see changes in my condition. Driven by my own results with natural products I developed a passion to pass on those same benefits to others who also suffered any number of ailments and wanted a natural treatment alternative that offered results. In store, myself and my highly trained staff of vitamin specialists offer free consultations and vitamin fitting options that create lifestyle programs that customers can live and thrive with for noticeable benefits. By doing extensive research about quality the store is able to cut the guess work out for out customers. Instead of offering a multitude of different brand alternatives, we only offer the highest quality products that way insuring optimal results for the customer. The store’s fundamental philosophy focuses on integrity selling and results. Please feel free to call on us to answer all of your vitamin and nutritional needs.

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