First Hard Evidence Vitamin D Reduces Asthma Attacks

AsthmaA Cochrane review of nine studies has found taking Vitamin D supplements alongside a standard asthma medication may reduce severe asthma attacks.

7 of the 9 studies reviewed involved over 400 children and the remaining 2 studies looked at over 600 adults.  Overall the review concluded that taking Vitamin D might reduce the risk of a severe asthma attack which would require hospitalization from 6% to 3%.  Additionally the review found the rate of steroid treatment needed to control an asthma attack dropped from .44 to .28 attacks per year per person after supplementation with Vitamin D.  However, Vitamin D did not improve daily asthma symptoms or lung function.

Interest in the role of Vitamin D is the management of asthma has been growing since prior research has linked an increased risk of asthma attacks in both adults and children with low blood levels of Vitamin D.

Researchers did urge caution when interpreting the findings of these reviews saying there are many questions that have remained unanswered.

Further reviews are coming.



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